About Us

Tea is a fascinating subject and we, Lynn and Christian, a born-and-bred English couple who made Stuttgart our home in 2004 are passionate about it! We first discovered good tea when we were in our twenties and took a year out to travel the world. From then, we were on a quest to find new, interesting and above all, good tea – which in those days, before the Internet and vacuum packaging techniques, wasn’t so easy. Back in the UK we lacked the basic knowledge and equipment to enjoy tea to its full potential. We didn’t know how amazing tea can taste, how good it is for your health, and most importantly, how great drinking a carefully prepared cup of tea can make you feel. Now that we are enlightened we would be delighted to act as a guide on your personal journey through the world of tea. You can come and talk to us in the shop, order 10g samples online or come join us in a small group of other people keen to learn about tea at one of our seminars.

Our Tea Philosophy
Above all, we believe that tea should be fun! Our passion is for traditionally produced, pure (orthodox) tea! Due to changing weather conditions the flavour and quality of orthodox teas varies from harvest to harvest. As we only include the best teas we can find in our selection, the teas you will find on our shelves or in our online shop might be different the next time you look. Where a tea you might have bought before is missing or has been replaced by a tea from a different tea garden, that is probably because we are waiting for the new harvest or have found a superior quality that we want to share with you. Our blends, which include traditional English and Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey, Afternoon Tea but also other interesting combinations such as “Sweet Jane”, are made especially for us and always taste the same and remain consistent in both quality and flavour.

Our Online Shop
A good year after opening The English Tearoom in Stuttgart’s Heusteigviertel we proudly opened the door to our Online Shop. Keen to keep to our values of providing good old-fashioned customer service along we friendly, accurate and honest advice and only sell teas and products that we believe in, the selection we offer online is just a taste of what we offer in our Stuttgart boutique. It comprises some of our personal favourites and best-selling items and we are delighted to share these with you. If you are searching for a tea or product which does not appear online then please contact us; if we can help, we will, and if we have what your are looking for in our Stuttgart boutique we would be delighted to send it to you.

Our Prices
We don’t believe that good tea should be unaffordable but we do believe in buying the best quality we can find, even if that means we pay more. We also constantly seek out rare and unusual teas, which sometimes come at a premium. When these rare teas taste great, we buy them, and although they can be expensive, we are happy to share these with you. Where possible, for example with our blends where we can control the production process or with teas where we can buy large amounts at better prices because supply is plentiful, we offer discounts or even 250g for the price of 200g.